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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

It looks like the SEO jig is up for many companies. Social media has been responsible for how many consumers have found websites, and that trend is on the incline.

The SEO game is a hard one to play because of how difficult it is for some to understand. Sometimes to increase your results in SEO, it means writing for robots instead of readers and trying to understand algorithms of different search engines. However, this may not be as necessary as it was at the beginning of Google.

Google search may display ONLY 13% organic results, while the rest is paid advertising related to subjects you may not have even been looking for.
On the other hand, announcements, sales, product information, and blog content are responsible for many consumer discoveries. Is it possible that social media could be a better model for today's businesses?

Social media is a conversation versus a broadcast, which makes it seem more like word of mouth to the consumer, and once others share posts, it becomes today's word of mouth marketing.

As much fun as SEO is to integrate into every post (sarcasm), with easy social media so prevalent in marketing, it will not be missed.

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