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Posted By: Amanda Teixeira

You have an efficient product, a great store, and a more than ready team prepared to drive your sales through the roof, but where are the customers? Everything looks to be in place yet your business seems to be slacking. How does a small business like yours expand to reach new customers?

In 2017, more than 50% of shoppers begin their search for the perfect product online. This means if you are not selling online, you are missing 50% of the market! Opening up to an online market will expand your business's sales and engage more shoppers than ever, leaving you wondering why it took you so long to get started.

Many business owners report they haven't expanded their businesses online because of how time consuming it can be. Fortunately for you, DreamingCode makes ecommerce simple. DreamingCode Commerce is a cloud based platform built from the ground up to be mobile first and integrate with any ERP and EDI feed. By using this platform, your brand will reach out to new customers from anywhere around the world. DreamingCode ensures a seamless online profile, providing only the best experiences for your newly found customer base. All I.T. and web aspects are handled in the background through DreamingCode's experienced team, so you can put all your focus into running your business.

Monitoring sales, managing inventory, reviewing/editing/adding/and canceling orders will also be in the palm of your hands. The DreamingCode portal will give you access to real time data while providing you with in depth analytics to help you sell and better understand your segmentation. This sheds light on what drives product sales, helping you to identify and focus on your marketing strategies that are work well with your products.

Now that the software portion is covered, let's move on to the marketing. How do you go from a newly built store to streaming online traffic and leads? First thing you can do is add search engine optimization (SEO). These are keywords that will lead your customer's search queries straight to you. DreamingCode has the analytics to find exactly what your customers will search for, putting your site at the top of every possible search. It's especially important to focus on where you can make the most impact online. Having positive customer service and support interaction will always impress your customers more than the impact of something going wrong within their shopping experience. DreamingCode has offices in 3 different time zones allowing for almost 24 hours of work on any of your projects. If something ever does go wrong, the support team will start working on your case as soon as it's in and will not stop working on it until resolved.

Dreamingcode Commerce will work smarter so you don't have to work harder. Have you thought of giving it a try?


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