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Posted By: Amanda Teixeira

It has never been so easy for anyone to search products and find something that have never seen before that meets all of their needs. 81% of consumers research a product online before making a purchase. This might seem like a threat to your traditional sales channels, however, launching a B2B ecommerce was never meant to be an alternative to standard sales. It was meant to be an opportunity to expand.

It still is...

How can your business successfully utilize B2B e-commerce without diminishing its sales force? The key is to use your online business as a way to reinforce existing sales methods while implementing new methods to reach a new customer base.

  1. One of the most successful ways ecommerce can help your traditional sales team is by providing complex product guides and information. These allow your customers to research your products faster and facilitate their decision on what product is right for them. When they come in, they'll be ready to make a purchase.
  2. There is nothing more stressful for customers than to have a product and not know how to use it. And let's face it, no one wants to read the instructions booklet. The best way to help your customers is with how-to guides and demonstration videos. Not only will these showcase real world scenarios where your product or service is used, it can also attract new customers with help of influencers or potential viral video!
  3. Case studies can provide specific information about your business to your customers. Some of your company's key instances and stories can help your customers know more about who you are and what your company is all about.
  4. Blogging can be the heart of your your business's online and physical store traffic. A blog is nothing more than a conversation with your customers. It encourages feedback with comments and allows you to show off some of your company's greatest aspects and your brand's best stories. Blogging is nothing more than free content marketing! Use it!

Using your team's knowledge and expertise to help assemble each of these approaches will not only boost their feeling towards your online store, but also create a great environment where your customers are continuously dealing with masterful team. These tactics are easy to implement and will help improve your sales team's numbers as well as your online traffic. Win-win!

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