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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Despite the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, this holiday season is projected to shatter ecommerce sales records. Some projections have this year's domestic ecommerce sales up by as much as roughly $200 billion USD, or 40%. However, this projection might even be modest. If densely populated states impose travel restrictions and mandate store closures, as was recently done in the United Kingdom, individuals will be forced to conduct holiday shopping online. Furthermore, members in all branches of the United States government remain publicly committed to approving a second stimulus bill, which could put money in the hands of citizens right in time for the holiday season.

The upcoming holiday season poses an incredible opportunity for all ecommerce companies. It is essentially to have the correct website infrastructure in place prior to the high traffic season to ensure exemplary customer service, build brand image and loyalty, and take full advantage of the opportunity that this season presents. A clean visual experience, convenient features, live support, and fast, reliable, and integrated logistics are essential. The next two months will be a strong long-term viability check for the ecommerce sector as many companies will make a name for themselves and some will fail. However, the online experience is just as important as the product quality for many businesses.

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