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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Here are some ways to differentiate online in February 2021:

1. Have a partnership with a charity

Aside from being a generally good thing to do, everyone would rather buy from a company that gives back to the world than one that does not. Look around: ESG investing is becoming mainstream and companies such as Bombas have reached the hearts and pockets of millions across the U.S.

2. Free Shipping

This is a must. Period.

3. Fast Shipping

Like free shipping, fast shipping is an expectation of well-run companies today. Strong logistics management software is necessary. Check out Jetti .

4. Connect with prospects

Nobody wants to do business with a robot, no matter how good of a product or service that they can provide. Connecting with a client in a professional, engaging way can go a long way.

5. Uniform branding

Your brand is your image. Uniform branding ensures all exposure channels lead back to your company, both literally and memorially.


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