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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

With new technology and evolving ways for customers to buy products, manufacturers are now turning towards eCommerce as a way to expand their business. Having a B2B online platform enables these manufacturers to offer an easier way for their customers to buy their products. In an article by Digital Commerce 360, they pulled numbers from a Salesforce.com Inc. survey that highlighted the emergence of manufacturers online.

Within the survey, 400 corporate purchasing managers and manufacturers were questioned on their current B2B eCommerce platforms and potential future endeavors to the online realm. Currently, 89% of product makers cited eCommerce an essential driver of business growth, proving that an eCommerce site is deemed as extremely valuable to the businesses that currently utilize the online platform.

The same survey states that 88% of manufacturers anticipate offering more products online within the next five years. Within the next four years, manufacturers are looking to spend $2.4 billion on new B2B eCommerce platforms. According to the numbers, a B2B eCommerce platform is extremely significant for manufacturers within these next upcoming years.

B2B online platforms are changing the way that businesses buy from other businesses, but for the better. Manufacturers have noticed the B2B eCommerce trend and are on their way to conquer the market.

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