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Dreaming Code's cloud commerce platform gives brands and retailers the power to build a remarkable experience that engages and converts more shoppers.


Building custom solutions that fully integrates with your existing ERP or inventory management system.

B2B/B2C Commerce

Tailoring and managing multiple online revenue streams to reach your customers.


Creating loyal customers by making mobile access always within reach.


Rapid-reaction cloud management taps social media marketing and response.


At Dreaming Code we work with our clients to design, develop and support cutting-edge cloud-based solutions to meet all of their ecommerce and business-to-business needs.

Order & Inventory Management

Boost sales with a smart and easy-to-use CRM & eCommerce system for business-2-business customers.

Personalized Customer Profiles

Dreaming Code supports personalized content and allows you to offer custom pricing for each customer.

EDI & Fulfillment Integration

Our platform was built based on the premise that you have to integrate with your partners platforms, shipping guidelines and purchase orders. Dreaming Code integrates EDI seamlessly so that your operation runs smoothly from the warehouse to your accounting department..

Customer Self-Service

Dreaming Code provides partners with a password-protected, customer-specific, portal-based, self-service center.


We have an entire suite of reports that provides in-depth analytics regarding all aspects of orders, customers & inventory.

Design & Development

Our team consists of skilled designers and developers. We handle all aspects of designing and developing a solution that fits your eCommerce needs.

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Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

Does your b2b platform allow for custom pricing?

Yes, DreamingCode Commerce has a feature called Price Books. You can offer your customers different levels of pricing based on their login. For example: you could have 3 levels of pricing: Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3. John Doe could be allowed to login and place an order based on Pricing Level 3.

Do you integrate with EDI?

Yes! DreamingCode was built based on the very foundation that retailers have to integrate with their trading partners platforms, shipping guidelines and purchase orders. The DreamingCode EDI module allows for seamless integration, ensuring that your operation runs smoothly from the warehouse to your accounting department.

Do you Design & Develop the website too?

Of course. Our team of skilled designers and developers are first class when it comes to designing and developing e-commerce, b2b and subscription platforms. We start: mobile first and build responsive designs so that your brand, platform and business are beautifully presented and successfully utilized.

How do I migrate from my current platform to DreamingCode Commerce?

Easy. Our Project Managers have migrated over 200 websites from existing platforms. We have a batch Product, Customer and Image upload that puts your business on our platform in a short timeline. Often times, this is a nice clean start for company's looking to re-organize their online offering.

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