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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

Companies like Kindle and Nook have used their platforms on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to promote daily deals on books for 24 hours for as low as $1.99. As a result, they have seen instant sales boosts and wider exposure for the author.

However, other online stores have remained skeptical. Recently, the New York Times, Social Media Examiner and Warc have researched this subject with the wider marketing community, finding that these 24-hour sales make the product "almost irresistible."

While these low prices make it difficult to make a large profit from the sales, this marketing tactic introduces new products to the consumer without making them feel like they are investing in something they might have not really been looking for.

In recent studies social media marketers have indicated that social media tools like Groupon and LivingSocial were at the bottom of their marketing mix for the near future.

For new online products or products that have been low in sales, your eCommerce store may benefit from these short sales if marketed correctly.
Information about the sale should be announced via email blast as well as social media.

For the consumer, it's a low risk buy. Make it cool. Make it new. And, make it interesting.

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