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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

In 2012, we saw the introduction of AmazonSupply, where the eCommerce giant began to experiment with the B2B marketplace. In 2015, Amazon inclined its B2B venture with the US launch of Amazon Business. By December 2016, Amazon expanded its business offerings to Germany, and we now await its next project in the UK. Amazon's expansion to new nations has many wondering if B2B eCommerce platforms will obsolete in its competition. Reports are focusing on Amazon's influential power and potential to seize the position of many specialized eCommerce platforms and web shops already in use by many businesses globally. In contrary, Amazon Business is more likely to give smaller companies the break to surge its market reach by creating challenges for B2B organizations who do not deliver a strong enough buying experience and understand the needs of their clientele. Amazon Business can be considered a motivating factor for B2B eCommerce corporations, if they can recognize where they being tested -- updating their standardized B2B services, providing flawless shopping experiences, and apprising offerings to the mass market.

Although Amazon offers procurement system integration, they do not have a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This lack in real-time and simplified updates within their software, allows for an open door of possibilities for eCommerce businesses to grow. Companies that sell within a large range of the market will profit by exporting detailed product information from the ERP directly into the likes of larger e-tail sites leaving B2B businesses that are incapable of offering more complex technologies to suffer in revenue and growth. Unfortunately, it will not be as simple as updating software alone. Keen businesses could simply use eCommerce platforms for composite services and products while using Amazon Business to market for simple transactions.

Industries who can also provide seamless shopping experiences through multiple channels will also be able to advance, for Amazon Business has trouble delivering through all customer touch points. This allows opportunities for businesses with specialty products where direct customer contact is a part of the online sales process. By creating an omni-channel approach that certifies every customer receives the best experience no matter where they are in the sales cycle, stronger customer relationships can be built. B2B is all about favored supply and repeat transactions, not searching for the cheapest price day to day. By meeting customer needs more closely, web stores will succeed.

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