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Posted By: Amanda Teixeira

Have you ever wondered why your online store is not bringing in enough traffic? Chances are your market audience has no idea your site even exists; it is likely lost, deep in the realm of the world wide web with hundreds of sites just like it. So how does one make their site stand out, suppress the competition, and generate more sales? Search engine optimization or SEO in short, are guidelines your business can take that will optimize your website for search engines and improve your search engine rankings, thus resulting in more online traffic. An umpteen number of search engine users will presumably click on the top results of the first page. By simply updating your SEO, your website will become more visible to search engines, helping you to gain additional visitors to your online.

Meta Titles
Generating a meta title can be the invisible factor in how visible you web page is. A meta title is hidden text that appears only in search engines results. It is meant to give potential customers the a first look into what your business is all about. Most people who have found your site through a search engine alone will not be familiar with your company and what it does. Your meta title will then step in to provide more details about your products and services than your business name and slogan would alone. Remember: The meta title you chose to display will have a direct impact on where your business is ranked, depending on the user's search query.

Meta Descriptions
Your web site's meta description is your opportunity to promote your business. This can be one of the biggest challenges for any site to realize: to create content that perfectly describes their products and services while persuading new people to click on it. These short, 160 character snippets allow searchers to know exactly what your business has to offer, in consideration to what they're searching for. Meta descriptions do not necessarily help in get your site in higher rankings within a search, however, they do encourage searchers to click on your listing, helping generate more website traffic from the search engine results page.

Meta keywords
Setting keywords that lead to your site can be especially important if you looking to attract customers to a physical location. Your pages should result at the top of local searches. This can be achieved through keywords that are competitive enough to distinguish your business from others but not too complex that it will likely never be searched for. Keep in mind who your customers are and what they would search for if they were looking for your services. Meta keywords will optimize the chances of your web site being at the top of the results list, so long as you use the right ones.

Search engine options is a significant way for your business to find its way to the top of a search query. Not only will SEO help search engines better understand and display your business, they will also allow potential customers to simplify the process of it. Your business will max out in online traffic and your customers will find the right business to suit their needs (YOURS!) It's a win-win for everyone!


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