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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

As I've mentioned in many of my previous posts, social media and content creation have taken the lead in budgets and efforts this year for B2B marketers and lead generation. For many companies, the marketing mix has shifted to be composed of social media, email marketing, trade shows, and content creation, like blogs. However, there is still one platform that many marketers are struggling to take advantage of: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn debuted a feature for mentioning companies and connections in posts and conversations in efforts to gain more activity and interaction via businesses.

While this gives a new incentive to use facebook as a business, recent finding by a Lead Formix research report shows that 24% of all visitors from LinkedIn to a B2B website are potential leads, and 45% of the leads coming from LinkedIn are firsttime visitors. These visitors are most likely to spend more than 10 minutes on a company website.

For a B2B company, finding a place to target a segmentation can be difficult, which is why most businesses resort to trade shows and twitter. But, by actively managing your company's LinkedIn page, the entire audience will consist of business professionals.

Using LinkedIn as a Business

Enterprise visitors are most likely to visit because of your profile, news, and groups your company is involved in.

Profile referrals bring in quality leads who want to understand the company. They often click on the contact us page, homepage, or careers page. Through using LinkedIn groups, this segment is often enticed by webinars, careers, and blog posts because they are focused on gather information. Lastly, news followers are interested in blog posts, links to articles, and press releases. These followers are interested in content, and most of the time are first time visitors to the site.

If your company already spends money on online advertising, you most likely use Google AdWords. LinkedIn also offers ads, but at a more expensive price and results in slightly less leads.

Participation in the LinkedIn answers, groups, and your company profile is the best way to generate enterprise driven visits that have a higher chance of turning into a lead.

Main Recommendations:
  • Have a presence on LinkedIn and stay active
  • Employee profiles can help with the company's lead generation and should also stay up to date
  • LinkedIn answers is a good way to generate new traffic and brand recognition
  • LinkedIn groups are the best places to find interested audience members for webinars and whitepaper

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