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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

Today's companies use technology to stay up to date with the latest marketing, strategy, and statistic tools. Many have learned how to operate social media platforms and online apps, but are many forgetting the basics infrastructural knowledge of how our tech works and where it comes from?

Let's see how much basic knowledge you have about your tools before you claim to have wisdom or for site about the online marketplace.

Q: Why are tweets only 140 characters?

A. Twitter was originally used via SMS (Short Messaging System) which has 160 character limits. Twitter chose 140 to leave room for user addresses which accounts for the other 20 characters.

Q. What does PDF stand for?

A. Portable Document Format

Q. What is responsive design?

A. A web design technique used to craft sites for easy reading a navigation with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices.

Q. Did the Apple iPhone first become available in?

A. 2007

Q. Who were the founder(s) of Microsoft?

A. That's right. There was another man, Paul Allen, alongside Bill Gates.

Q. What's the most commonly used element in computers today?

A. Hafnium

Q. What is an intranet?

A. No, that wasn't a spelling error. Intranet is a term for a collection of private computer networks in an organization. It is used to share information, operational systems, or computing services.

Q. What is an algorithm?

A. A step-by-step procedure for calculation in mathematics and computer science. Basically, these are essential to the way computers process data.

Q. What is Visual Basic?

A. A programming Language.

Q. What is an internet Meme?

A. A concept that spreads from person to person on the internet.

Q. What company created Firewire Technology?

A. Apple in 1995.

Q. Who created the first tablet?

A. Microsoft and HP with Windows XP


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