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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

Many studies have shown the rise of B2B marketers adopting mobile marketing over the past year. Now, B2B marketers have finally gone all in.

Over the last year US mobile ad spending has risen 77.3%.

"Only a few years ago, mobile's impact was measured by its function as a basic phone, and now it is impossible to envision a world without smartphones and tablets," said Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association. "No other media will evolve at this pace, with unforeseen opportunities to reimagine the user experience."

Expenditures include media buys, CRM, internal support, and measurement services.

Along with the vast amount of smartphone users, The Financial Times found that 49% of global business executives say that tablets are replacing computers.

Another study by Constant Contact found 66.0% of small-business owners now use mobile devices for business purposes.

According to B2B Online, marketers have also begun to use mobile marketing as lead generation for target audiences.

If you're business hasn't hopped aboard the mobile marketing train yet, it might be time.


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