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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

Google is the leading search engine in the world today. People all across the world use it to get answers to their questions with the click of a button. They are provided instant results with a variety of information, offering an immediate answer to whatever their question may be. It is without a doubt the fastest and most efficient way to obtain information. Google was first introduced to the public ten years ago. The public responded with an immediate interest in the development and existence of this type of search engine.

One of the founders of Google, Larry Page, once stated that he wanted all users of Google to be "out of Google" as quickly as possible. However, today, Page is attempting to accomplish the opposite. He is now providing more information to people in hopes that they stay within the Google browser for longer periods of time. Google now provides better search results that are more tailored and specific to the actual search completed. This demonstrates how Google is continually innovating new technology in order to satisfy their users.

One recent innovation implemented by Google is the use of mobile technology to provide easily accessible information to people on their cell phones. Currently, mobile devices account for nearly half of all Google searches. Mobile use can provide convenience and sense of accessibility to all people who want to use Google. However, mobile is not ideal for many advertisers who use the power of search engine optimization (SEO). The search results displayed over time can will gradually change due to Google's always changing search algorithms. These changes can be risky for some people who use the power of SEO in order to boost their online presence and popularity if they are not constantly adding content to their site.

Most companies that use SEO fear that constant algorithm changes in the system and core results of Google will reduce the number of people who will view their sites and pages. Failure to increase their online search can result in a lack of sales for the company. Because of the mobile changes on Google, the entire value add will be beneficial for Google only. However, Google's mobile concept will affect the larger population of people in a positive manner by providing more accurate results in a timely and more efficient way.

In general, Google's content and mobility cannot eliminate the power and efficiency of SEO. Certain changes have both positive and negative impacts to all people especially to those who use SEO in order to increase their search ranking and their online visibility. SEO is a popular online marketing technique and strategy that is hard to eliminate. The value of SEO has already proven its worth, especially in terms of boosting a site's online saturation. Changes in Google and the concept of mobility will affect SEO results. However, SEO will remain a main stay for those searching online for information because there are many companies and websites who rely on the power of their natural search rankings for traffic to their site.

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