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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

The most important thing to strive for as an eCommerce company is better conversion rates. It's hard to compare conversion rates between two companies because of different marketability varieties. On average rate is usually around 1-2%.

So what can you improve to increase your conversion rate?

1. Make sure your product images are accurate, appealing, crisp, and clear. It's important to have different angles and zoom-able features. It's also important to be able to show consumers different colors if that's applicable.

2. How is your product copy? The information you provide for your consumers does matter. In this copy, you have the opportunity to give customers information so that they are able to justify or convince themselves to make the purchase. The copy should be concise and should answer any questions the consumer might come up with.

3. A new feature to take advantage of is product videos. Consumers might view your brand as "lagging" if you don't stay up to date with other sites.

4. Shipping is a turn off. It's hard to justify spending an extra ten dollars on a product if you can physically go to the store and buy it yourself. It's a simple question: Is this money for shipping saving me all that much time? If it's not a product they can go physically get themselves, they ask: Do I really need that? Free shipping takes that question out of the equation. Companies that offer free shipping often have higher conversion rates.

5. Don't forget about your abandon shopping carts. Follow up with email and track how well those emails do. You were so close! Don't let those shoppers get away.

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