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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

Image provided by Pew Research Center
According to an article, written by Peter Economy and titled " The (Millennial) Workplace of the Future Is Almost Here -- These 3 Things Are About to Change Big Time ," from Inc. it's forecasted that by next year (2020), the millennial generation is to comprise half of the American workforce. The same article goes further and suggests that by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be run by millennials.

When we hear the word millennial, we picture the stereotypical generation that is glued to their phones or laptops and consistently updating their social media pages. Well, this is true. Yet, if we look at the bigger picture, this is the generation that has grown up with technology and quite literally, doesn't know how to live without it. Within the next five years, the workforce is going to be filled with the avid technology user, the innovative youth that is looking for the most convenient and easiest way to get their work done and make their company successful.

Moving into the B2B aspect of it all, according to a Demand Gen Report article, written by Klaudia Tirico and titled " Study: 73% Of Millennials Are Involved In B2B Decision-Making ," 73% of working millennials are involved in the technology purchasing process for the companies they work for, and a third of them are the sole decision makers for their business. We already know there has been a huge shift into technology, but now we're facing the realization that these avid users of technology are quickly encompassing the workforce.

It's a crucial time, now more than ever, to get ahead of the game by integrating your company into the new technological developments and all the opportunities that inevitably follow with them. Allow your company to expand and to compete with the uprising of the youth and their technological wisdom. A way to do this is to invest into a B2B eCommerce platform. That's where the world is heading. With the swarm of millennials coming to compete with your business, they're going to have the technology that your current and future customers are looking for. Provide your customers with the technology first, allow your customers to shop with the same ease of a B2C platform on your B2B platform. Enable the B2B eCommerce platform to alleviate this stress of falling behind your competitors and help your business do what's most important… grow.

Author: E. Sutter

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