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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

It's clear that the internet is a popular tool that we utilize in our day-to-day lives. Yet, how many of us actually use the internet? In the Global Digital 2019 Report, it takes a more in depth analysis of how much of the world actually uses the internet. As of January 2019, according to the report, there were 7.676 billion people that populated the globe. Of this 7.676 billion, 4.388 billion people used the internet in some type of way. That's 57% of the entire population.

From January 2018- January 2019, the world population rose 1.1%, or 84 million people. Within the same year evolution, there was a 9.1% increase in internet use, or 367 million people. Meaning, 367 million more people decided to use the internet within a single year, that's about a million people per day now utilizing the internet.

The Digital United States 2019 Report offers the same type of data, but specifically for the United States. Within the US, there's a total population of 327.9 million people. For this country, there is a 95% total of the population that uses the internet, therefore 38% higher than the global population's internet use. 312.3 million people in the US use the internet!

From January 2018- January 2019, the total population within the country grew .7%, or two million more people. From the same timeline, there was a spike of 8.8% (25 million) in internet usage. Not only is basically the entire country using the internet, the report goes further into how often we use the internet and for how long.

The average daily time spent using the internet from any device that has access to it, within the US, is six hours and thirty-one minutes. 86% of the US population checks the internet every single day. 8% of people use the internet at least once every week, 5% of people use the internet at least once a month, and there's the 1% that uses the internet less than once a month.

Based on the two reports full of internet usage information, it's clear that almost every single person in the United States is connected and using the internet in some way or another. Globally, more than half of the total population is utilizing the internet. On top of that, the number of internet users are growing, as we've seen from the 2018-2019 comparison. The internet is quickly becoming apart of everyone's day to day lives, so why not utilize the platform that everyone seems to be using to benefit your business?

Author: E. Sutter

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