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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

In a report by Forrester, it was predicted by 2023 that the total B2B sales driven by B2B eCommerce within the United States would reach up to $1.8 trillion. Furthermore, the report predicted that 17% of total B2B sales would be from B2B eCommerce. A B2B eCommerce platform can reap extreme benefits for any business looking to make the buying experience for their customers easier. In a Forrester Research/ Internet Retailer report, dated back to figures from 2016, 57% of B2B sellers stated that the top priority for their business was developing an eCommerce platform.

Three years ago, B2B sellers realized where the world was heading: into the direction of technology. It's not too late to join the wave of the future and adopt an eCommerce platform for your B2B business. A B2B online platform will allow your company to keep up with the advancing digital future while simultaneously make ordering for your customers easier, quicker, and more convenient. B2B eCommerce platforms are no longer extremely complex, in fact they look and operate just like B2C platforms.

Your customers will quickly transition from their old ways of ordering their supplies to now ordering those same supplies from an online platform. This means customers can place their orders on any day and at any time of the day. For example, if a customer forgets to place an order before the end of a work day, they no longer need to worry because they'll have an online platform they can order their products from. A B2B eCommerce platforms gives customers more freedom and flexibility when placing their orders. The easier it is for a customer to buy your products, the better.

Author: E. Sutter

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