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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Amazon is undoubtedly the poster child for eCommerce and dropshipping. The trail blazer. However, its incredible recent growth has left many speechless. Almost everyone knows that Amazon is a dominant company, but most don't know exactly how large and impactful the company is, especially within the United States. Understanding this can better inform eCommerce companies on how to utilize the platform for brand exposure. After all, there is a reason that even some of the world's largest retailers, such as Nike, utilize the power of Amazon's vast reach to promote products and the brand. Furthermore, dropshippers operating solely on Amazon should consider investing in their own website and online brand, in order to reap the benefits of both and grow.

1. 9 out of 10 online shoppers price check using Amazon.

2. In 2019, 82% of American households had Amazon Prime subscriptions.

3. According to marketplacepulse, over 250,000 unique sellers did at least $100,000 in sales on Amazon in 2019.

4. 80% of Amazon sellers have their own website in addition to their Amazon profile.

5. In 2018, the average Prime member spent $2,586 compared to $544 for the average non-Prime member.


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