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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Regardless of whether you run paid advertising on social media accounts, a strong social media brand image is essential for success in 2020. This is especially true for dropshippers, online merchandisers, and B2B ecommerce companies. If your company does not currently have an up-to-date, regularly posting social media presence, doing so will go a long way towards growing your brand and business. Here are some statistics regarding social media presence.

1. Poor or no social media accounts create a negative brand view for potential customers and clients in under a second.

2. Over 50% of the world's population regularly uses social media.

3. 54% of online shoppers use social media to research companies and products.

4. Social media is the most inexpensive way to build brand loyalty and a brand image.

5. The majority of people under 40 get their news from social media.

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