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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Growing an ecommerce business is not easy. Regardless of your company's industry - whether it be retail, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, etc. - the reality is that ecommerce is not what it used to be. Almost all companies have websites that, at the very least, provide information and branding that helps raise awareness about products and services. The first, and most important, step to increasing business and customer loyalty is having a strong, easy to navigate website with great customer support. After all, companies that do not have this will anger customers and push away prospects. However, getting your beautiful website experience in front of people can sometimes be difficult in today's crowded ecommerce landscape. Here are 5 effective ecommerce marketing tactics to help increase website traffic:

1. Reflect

Understanding your company's current strategic advantages and value propositions is a must. These change constantly, so it is important to reflect on why your customers are loyal regularly. This means conducting scheduled SWOT analyses and other reflectional activities internally. After all, if you don't understand what clients believe sets you apart, you won't be able to articulate a strong pitch.

2. Understand Your Customers

Customer feedback and outreach is crucial, today more than ever. Not only will this make customers feel valued, but understanding the consumer views on every aspect of the way your business presents itself is necessary to maintain an effective branding strategy or make necessary changes. After all, people always want to be heard.

3. Understand Your Competitors

Everyone knows the saying, "keep your friends close and but your enemies closer". While competitors are often far from enemies, it is important to regularly monitor what marketing strategies they are employing and if they are successful. Conversely, it can be helpful to understand what isn't working in terms of PR and marketing for these firms. Understanding competition is essential and can be very helpful to help avoid costly mistakes and uncover growth opportunities. Big tech does this all the time!


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