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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

2020 will be remembered as a memorable year for many reasons. However, among other things, 2020 has been the year of eCommerce. During the pandemic, eCommerce sales and activity have skyrocketed to levels ahead of 5-year projections. As the new year approaches, here are some website aspects to differentiate in the increasingly-mainstream ecommerce world.

1. Integrated Web Apps

Have a business that required good weather? Include a forecast widget. Does your company have a strong social media presence? Include a twitter stream. Including information that prospects might wonder about removes the need to leave your website and increase conversion rates.

2. Sharp Design and Snappy Maneuvering

The days of getting by with average website design are over. There is a reason successful Silicon Valley startups all seem to have sharply designed websites integrated with company branding. Your website design is a chance to built your brand and attract prospects. Furthermore, quick, easy load times and maneuvering on websites today is a must. People do not have the patience for poor design and long load times.

3. Free Shipping

For non-service providers, free shipping is a must. Whether your clients are businesses or consumers, the expectation is that shipping will be free. Surveys repeatedly reveal that customers are more likely to purchase items with free shipping than significantly higher markdown values.

4. Fast, Secure Payments

Identity theft and credit fraud are legitimate concerns. Even the appearance of a non-secure checkout process might be enough to deter prospects.


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