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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Anyone who has been a customer at any time in their life understands the difference in experience that a company with good customer service and bad customer service can make. While still important when making small purchases, many expect larger purchases and services to be backed by superior customer service in case any problems arise. For example, nobody would choose an investment brokerage that online did not offer ample customer service. Likewise, an individual who is trying to exchange a $20 T-shirt would likely be angered by a poor customer service experience.

More so than brick and mortar firms, the most successful ecommerce companies have the appearance, reputation, and experience of great customer service. While customer service might be an issue for brick and mortar firms, the psychology of being able to physically enter the store or office and interact with employees guarantees a level of perceived trust in customers. However, a completely online brand does not have this psychological advantage. Instead, trust must be earned in a variety of ways including a reputation for excellent customer service.

Zappos, one of the world's first and leading online footwear retailers, is known to provide legendary customer service. This reputation allowed the firm to gain trust and notoriety and improve customer experiences to ultimately expand and retain its' customer base. Its' rapid growth quickly followed. Similarly, companies such as JetBlue and Discover, which only has one physical branch within the U.S. but is backed by 24/7 U.S.-based customer service, have been committed to customer service and reaped the benefits.

Today, there is an expectation of personalized, exceptional customer service in ecommerce, regardless of sector. Companies such as SoFi, Swanson, and Moda Operandi have made this the case. In a world that is transitioning away from brick and mortar and towards ecommerce, competition will continue to tighten. Companies without strong customer service will begin to wane.

Within a website, there are various ways to present an image of customer service, as well as embed features that help prospects experience the service. Contact us or request a demo to learn more.

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