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Posted By: Tripti Rijhwani
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When it comes to eCommerce, integration is vital. But what does that mean, and how can you make sure your eCommerce platform integrates successfully with your business applications?

Dreaming Code has been designed for this purpose – to provide a platform that integrates with many enterprise systems, making it easy to connect business applications as seamlessly as possible to the platform. Businesses can connect financially, logistics, supply chain, order management, fulfillment, and 3rd party shipping systems with prebuilt connectors to the Dreaming Code eCommerce solution.

Dreaming Code supports an extensive library of applications and solutions through application programming interfaces (APIs) and other native protocols. Brands can be confident their e-commerce platform will be able to integrate with existing applications.

Order Management:

Order management is about orders being received, verified, inventory confirmed, and fulfilled for customers. The most critical integration point for order management is syncing orders to inventory management, and with this reliable connection, your order automation will function smoothly.

Many organizations overlook this integration, and it causes manual processing. For the customer, it means their orders are delayed or, even worse, need to be more accurate. An unforeseen consequence of poor order management integration is the impact on customer service costs to resolve the issues associated with incorrect and delayed orders.

Fulfillment systems:

When orders get processed through a fulfillment partner, it can take a lot of the burden off of the eCommerce business and help it to run more efficiently. However, not all fulfillment partners are created equal, and it's essential to do your research before selecting one. Dreaming Code's advantage is its robust integration with most fulfillment partners and systems. This feature means merchants can quickly and easily send orders to a partner and rely on them to handle the fulfillment process. Dreaming Code has a wide variety of partners, making it easy to find a partner who can meet all a merchant's needs and has a track record of providing good customer service.

ERP integration:

ERP systems are the financial, customer management, human resources, and accounting systems that keep your business running. The Dreaming Code platform is ERP agnostic, and can easily integrate into any system, such as Dynamics, SAP, JDE, Acumatica, and Epicor, to name a few. Updating or changing your ERP to launch your eCommerce business is usually not an option, so the partner selected for eCommerce should have experience and support for a brand's existing or planned ERP. With cloud-based, API-first eCommerce solutions, integration is flexible and cost-effective, so in-house teams have more time to focus on critical business tasks instead of getting tied up with daily system maintenance.


E-commerce platforms with a clear and well-documented approach to integration will signal a positive experience for an implementation. The robust and flexible integration provided by Dreaming Code ensures that eCommerce will operate as expected and that merchants can avoid unforeseen costs and delays in launching and managing their eCommerce systems. To learn more about how Dreaming Code can scale your eCommerce business, schedule a 30 min assessment with our solution experts.

To learn more about how we can help your business, schedule an appointment with one of our solution experts today.

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