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Posted By: Tripti Rijhwani

E-commerce is a catalyst for growing a business, and Dreaming Code is a leader in helping businesses make digital transformations. As online merchants seek to grow by delivering great digital experiences, a solution must have key features to deliver personalized customer experiences, support flexible inventory and order management, and solid financial integration.

Customers want personalization, transparency, and the ability to move seamlessly between channels to buy. The benefits of the Dreaming Code solution are increased revenue, increased customer loyalty, and increased share of wallet. Here is a quick view of the key features of why customers choose our platform.

Personalized Catalogs

When deploying a B2B business, online merchants must deliver great experiences for direct buyers, resellers, and your internal sales team. Dreaming Code has prebuilt user experiences for all of these types of buyers, supports personalized catalogs, and enables dynamic pricing to allow customers to order easily and accurately. This is important because if buyers cannot access a product catalog based on their business terms and the correct pricing, they will not trust or use the digital system. This can impact buyers' confidence in the merchant and result in them not continuing to order from the system. Conversely, merchants can reduce the time and cost to get sales from the buyers and use that to focus on new growth strategies.

Inventory and Order Management

Dreaming Code's flexible inventory and order management system helps online merchants manage their product catalogs, pricing, and availability in a more accurate and streamlined manner. With this feature, they can create a B2B storefront tailored to their buyers and offer tiered pricing for preferred customers. The system also allows for simplified SKU management for online stores that carry a large number of items. This feature ultimately provides customers with accurate catalogs, real-time pricing, and up-to-date availability. The delivery of a more personalized experience instills confidence in customers that they are getting the right product, at the correct price, and available when they need it.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration can be a vital component of a successful eCommerce business. Using an ERP agnostic platform, merchants can reduce the burden of disconnected systems. This lack of integration leads to system slowdowns, poor performance, and other errors that can impact the customer experience. With cloud-based, API-first eCommerce solutions like Dreaming Code, integration is flexible and cost-effective so in-house teams have more time to focus on critical business tasks instead of getting tied up with daily system maintenance.


When selecting a B2B eCommerce platform, businesses need to ensure that the solution can scale with their growth. Dreaming Code has the experience and expertise to help merchants grow their eCommerce operations and maximize sales. With a personalized experience, flexible order and inventory management, and an ERP agnostic platform, businesses can focus on scaling their business. Schedule a 30 min assessment with our solution experts to learn how Dreaming Code can help your business grow!

To learn more about how we can help your business, schedule an appointment with one of our solution experts today.

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