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Posted By: Akshay Vazirani

By 2020, it is predicted that business to business (B2B) eCommerce will completely eliminate the need for sales representatives at manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, due to the steady rise of online ordering. These sales representatives are essentially becoming useless in the ordering process. In fact, as stated by Forrester's "Death of a (B2B) Salesman," it is predicted that roughly one million B2B sales reps will lose their jobs by 2020.

Based on this, it is nearly inevitable that all industries will embrace B2B eCommerce; it is just a matter of when. And, as industries progressively implement B2B eCommerce, the significance of sales representatives steadily declines. However, just like anything else in business, with every threat comes an opportunity. What if sales representatives were given the ability to seamlessly grant clients access to your company's products and inventory? This would give these sales representatives a purpose and allow them to make commission from the sales that result from this. To top it off, giving customers access to a personalized wholesale shopping experience would make large B2B orders easier than ever.

With DreamingCode's Commerce Platform, each customer that is able to access your inventory will have custom pricing for their specific profiles and accounts. Some customers need more from you, some need less. Regardless, authenticated accounts can simply log in to the B2B portal of the business, check the inventory to see what is available, and place their order based on the custom pricing that you set up for them. In the end, not only does this simplify the ordering process, but it helps combat the rapidly increasing number of sales reps that are losing their jobs.

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