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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

2020 has etched its mark in history. A year of pain, in which the worst pandemic of the modern era has swept across the globe, tragically affecting millions and essentially shutting down the world as we know it. However, revolutionary innovation is almost always bred from great tragedy. The black plague prompted the Renaissance era and the birth of modern medicine. Debate over inoculation during the Boston Smallpox epidemic led to the creation of free press in the United States. The list goes on.

Today's pandemic has challenged, and in many cases, overwhelmed our country's healthcare systems. Doctors, nurses, and medical infrastructure have been overworked with spikes in cases. It's clear that there must be changes moving forward, for the sake of patients, doctors, and other medical professionals.

The pandemic will undoubtedly breed a technological revolution in the healthcare sector. Access to patient records, prescription visits, well visits, patient monitoring, scheduling, payment management, insurance integration, and many other traditionally in-person undertakings will become standardly remote. This will allow doctors to focus their time on patients that need in-person visits, while automating actions that can be done remotely. Infrastructure will also not be overwhelmed.

Many healthcare institutions are already investing in this future vision. Updating stereotypically outdated websites, hosting platforms, and online presences are helping institutions begin to modernize and get ahead of the impending healthcare revolution. All of this is ultimately helping all players in the healthcare sector: doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and patients.


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