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Posted By: Michael Provvisionato

Instagram users know just how effective the platform has been for merchandisers and startups to reach their target audiences, grow brand awareness, and increase sales. Everytime an individual checks their feed on the platform, they will undoubtedly be exposed to a paid advertisement for a clothing or product merchandiser. I often find myself unconsciously visiting websites of brands that I have never heard of, solely because their product was presented on my Instagram feed in a compelling way. Companies such as Cuts and BirdDogs have been able to utilize the effectiveness of advertising on Instagram to fuel impressive sales growth.

However, rapidly growing social media platform TikTok, which has over 800 million active users, recently announced a partnership with Amazon-like dropship website TeeSpring. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for dropship merchandisers to reach TikTok's predominantly young user base. The social media platform has over half of its users between the ages of 18-24, which has been the most successful target demographic for recent web-based merchandisers.

Utilizing TikTok advertisements presents a viable path to sales and brand growth, however a strong dropship platform and well branded website are what builds customer loyalty and will separate companies in the soon to be crowded advertisement space.

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